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Inquiring Minds was created to provide parents and students a new, goal-oriented approach to tutoring services and learning needs.  We are focused on creating a learning experience to help any student grow - all the way from getting caught up on grade level reading expectations to extending and challenging opportunities. 

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What We Provide

The following includes three of the most popular areas of growth for any student.  Our focus is on providing a new approach to learning that is personalized for each student.  We want to show each child and parent that learning can be fun and you can feel confident in any classroom, even if it is a challenging new concept.



We want our students not only to learn to read, but to love books!  Reading is at the core of all learning, so our tutoring services can help your child learn to love books and feel confident when picking out a book to read or even if they're asked to read in class!  We can develop a program to help your student with reading fluency or to help them dive deep into complex novels.

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